Mariana A.Born : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Piano, Guitar, voice, flute


All! But but I listen more to Baroque, Classic, Bossa nova, Jazz, Contemporary, Samba...

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Ms. Mariana is a very caring and multi-talented teaching professional, with over eight years of experience, she is committed to promoting a solid musical education and a great environment for each student to excel and develop.
Mariana was born in the state of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, and from an early age she was involved singing and playing in several music venues.
She began to dedicate herself to the piano at the age of 11. She had an awesome opportunity to teach music in a children's class, assisted by her teacher, when she was 16. She assisted her teacher with tutoring for a year and then she enrolled at one of the best Universities in Music Education in Brazil. After being accepted, there she was invited to teach in various schools, contribute to social projects and gave private lessons. She started music course activities for babies of six months and older, and started working with special needs children since then.
Mariana loves to sing, play guitar, percussion, flute, compose

Why I Work Well with Kids

I believe I work well with kids because I love being around them and I love being able to somehow be part of their development. I found one of the most fun and unique ways to do this is through music. I am also an extremely patient person and very curious to meet the best options for each student to reach their level of performance. I find the challenge of working with children each day to be one of my greatest motivators. It just makes me happy.

Most Influential Bands / Musicians

Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, J. S. Bach, Vinicius de Morais, The Beatles, F. Chopin, Sigur Rós and much more.


I love living and always discovering new things. I am open every day for walks, movies, books, talks, jamming, sleeping, practicing piano and eating yummy food.

Favorite Movies

I love movies!!! From Disney to Charlie Chaplin! But one of the director who I like very much the job is Richard Linklater. He brings to the movies some things that happen on a daily basis and an air of reality, which I appreciate.

Places Traveled

Brazil, where I came from :), Canada, Argentina, Paraguay, Panama, Aruba, Costa Rica, Qatar, Philippines and USA.

Special Needs Students

I had the opportunity to have an internships for one year with excellent teachers. And then in my teaching career I worked for more than 4 years with several children and babies with special needs.


DC - Upper NW and NE

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