Jesse H.Born : Woodbridge, VA


Drums, Percussion, Piano, Guitar, Marching & Auxilliary Percussion


Rock (Heavy, Alternative, Classic, various), Funk, Latin (various groove patterns & genres), Experimental/Progressive, Jazz, Rudimental (Concert & Marching Percussion)

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Jesse is a musician, music instructor, and parent with over 15 years professional experience as a percussionist & keyboardist. He grew up in a music-filled household - the constant stream of pop classics, Motown, Broadway, rock, and funk established a familial relationship to music. Jesse worked tirelessly during school to hone his craft as a percussionist, volunteering for any and every musical opportunity. He possesses generous knowledge of various disciplines & styles of percussion, including rock, funk, jazz, Latin drum kit, and more. Additionally, Jesse took up piano & keyboards, falling in love with music theory and harmonic function.

Jesse worked as a session musician in great music cities such as Nashville and Asheville. As a performing percussionist, he routinely performs in hip-hop, funk, and even country acts. He currently resides in Woodbridge with his fiancé and two sons.

Why I Work Well with Kids

Jesse values each individual student’s education, musical & personal growth, and personality. He has extensive professional experience working with children in groups and as individuals, having taught music since even he was in high school. All of his students, regardless of area of study or age, have personalized lesson plans and techniques to maximize their growth and enjoyment. He maintains a wide appreciation of my students’ interests, goals, and needs as musicians, and this understanding always informs his teaching direction. He is familiar with many types of learning & behavioral disabilities, and he still maintains a student base containing children with special needs. He views each student as a unique world of music just waiting to be nurtured.

Most Influential Bands / Musicians

Aaron Spears, John Bonham, Weezer, Prince, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Stewart Copeland, Larnell Lewis, Jacob Collier, Ariana Grande, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Billy Joel


Creative writing of all sorts, and some casual writing for music review sites, reading novels and comic books (DC comics are a favorite)

Favorite Movies

Star Wars, Nolan's Batman, Napoleon Dynamite, Hercules, Mulan, typically anything Disney

Places Traveled

All along the East Coast and as far west as Nashville, some parts of Michigan.

Special Needs Students

Students with autism (generally high functioning), Asperger syndrome, ADD & ADHD, and other special needs


Arlington VA, Alexandria VA, Falls Church VA, McLean VA, DC - Capitol Hill, SE & PG Co.

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