Jennifer R.Born : Fairfax, VA


Piano, Voice


Classical, Pop

About Jennifer R.

Music has been my passion for as long as I can remember. At age 7, I begged my mother to buy me a piano. She looked me in the eye and told me that she would only buy me a piano if I promised her that I would never quit. So I did just that. I promised her that I would never quit and she bought me a piano! I was so exited! From that day forward I really committed myself to mastering my new craft. For 8 years, I took lessons with a concert pianist. Each year I performed in very large recitals and conditioned me into what I am now.
Not so long after, in 4th grade, I joined my school band and played the clarinet. I began to master that craft. I loved blues and jazz. For our band concerts, my band teacher would have me play a jazz solo at the very end of the concert. It was so nerve-racking that I remember shaking and feeling so weak that I prayed I wouldn’t fall in front of the audience! Starting in elementary school, I was known as "the girl who plays jazz."

Why I Work Well with Kids

I always tell my students that I'm just a big kid :) and they know it. There is a part of me that will forever stay young and that is why I understand and get along with children so well. Working with children truly makes me happy and it reminds me on a daily basis of how much more I want to enjoy life as they do naturally. This is why I have been teaching children for 7 years. It is my passion. It amazes me that I can give them the knowledge to understand and play music and that they actually learn it! That applies to any age student that I teach. Throughout my career, I have mainly worked with children though I have worked with many adults as well.

I really like to keep my lessons fun. Of course, I include all of the necessary foundations of music. I teach my students technic, theory, and music of all sorts. I customize my curriculum to each student that I teach. I find that to be a huge factor in keeping them passionate about music. I focus on any areas that are challenging for them. I also teach them how to make their own music. My goal is to focus on this once every month or two. It is amazing how quickly they grasp on to this and they really enjoy it because they amaze themselves with their own ideas. It amazes me too!

Teaching music has really built a huge pathway for my own life as I like to do the same with my students. Music will always be a factor in my life and I always look forward to sharing my knowledge to a new musician!


Fairfax, McLean, Vienna, Great Falls, Arlington, VA

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