Erik A.Born : Annandale, VA


guitar, bass


blues, roots, rock, reggae, funk, jazz

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Since I have turned twenty one (almost 4 years now) I've been on the road touring with one of Virginia's busiest & on the move reggae band. we play all up and down the east coast as well as 2 annual trips out west. In the past year and a half I have begun to pick up teaching lessons when not running up and down the coast Thursday-Sunday & really really enjoy spreading the gift of music with the youth!

Why I Work Well with Kids

I've always worked well with kids being the oldest of all my cousins. Focusing more on how they learn vs how to entertain them has been the focus in the past year and a half of teaching lessons for me. Music is something that has greatly changed my life in a positive way and I am very passionate about sharing that positive outlet with others!

Most Influential Bands / Musicians

Jimi, SRV, Bob, Slash


rock climbing

Favorite Movies

The Goonies, This is Spinal Tap

Places Traveled

My band tours all up and down the east coast from Vermont all the way down to Florida as well as 2 trips out west every year heading as far west as California & everywhere in between!

Special Needs Students

I actually have worked privately and through medicaid with special needs students. I have extra experience working with Autism & Cerebral Palsy.


Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale, Falls Church, McLean VA

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