Drew H.Born : Silver Spring, MD




Classical, R&B, Jazz, Funk

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B&B instructor since February of 2014.

After taking formal piano lessons in 2005, I have fallen in love the art of playing. The concentration of my study was classical music, but before long I learned to play piano by ear and joined a local band. I then began playing with a number of different bands who’s style ranged from R&B and gogo, to classical and jazz. I also have experience in the art of music production by use of digital audio workstations.

Why I Work Well with Kids

I work well with kids and enjoy their company. I believe I work well with kids because I have a younger brother and sister. Aside from B&B's students, I have also given my brother piano lessons in the past, which gave me valuable experience in tutoring children.

Most Influential Bands / Musicians

Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Chuck Brown, Pharell


swimming, snowboarding, basketball, skating, watching movies, reading, songwriting, performing

Favorite Movies

Avatar, Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean, Napoleon Dynamite, X-men

Places Traveled

Canada, England, Jamaica


Silver Spring, Bethesda, Potomac, Beltsville, Laurel, MD, Washington, DC

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