Diego N.Born : Venezuela


Piano, basic voice, beginning guitar


Jazz, Film music, Classical

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I found music at the age of 13 with guitar. I played for four years and got good pretty quickly. However, I took notice of other kinds of music aside from rock and heavy metal as I got older, and most of it involved piano. I started to take interest in composing music with the piano. When I entered College I became interested in Jazz. There was so much intricacy to the harmony I wanted to learn how the music was built, what was behind the scenes of the "magic " so to speak. I wanted to posses the power of being able to play all those complex yet beautiful sounding chords that came with the genre of what is called "jazz". I am currently taking on the challenge of becoming a truly well round jazz pianist. I attend The School of Music at University of Maryland majoring on music with a focus on Jazz piano. I gig on the regular when the phone rings either as the background pianist to a party, or with a full band at weddings, and I also volunteer as an ensemble accompanist a

Why I Work Well with Kids

I work well with kids because as a person I'm very relaxed and I don't take myself to seriously. I've been told by parents "you must be very patient", but it's not that I'm patient I am just very easy going and I have an very clear understanding of when it comes to making mistakes in music and the time it takes to learn a concept. In other words I know the "struggle", so I don't hold it against little kids when they've made the same mistake repeatedly for example, and I highly praise them when I see they've made a step towards becoming a better musician, even if it's something little. I also become energetic when I'm on my teaching role, I've noticed kids tend to respond well to that also.

Most Influential Bands / Musicians

Jeremy Soule ( Film Score composer, fun fact: he's the writer for the Skyrim soundtrack which I've listened to about 500 times...that's not a joke)
Barry Harris, Bill Evans, Giovanni Mirabassi (modern day jazz pianist)
Chet Baker


Play video games Jam to Jazz tunes in the car with friends with our melodicas....yeah I'm not kidding lol

Favorite Movies

Harry Potter Series Matrix It (yeah actually, a great movie go watch it) ...did I mention Harry Potter series? Yeah I actually got placed in Gryfindor's house from the sorting hat quiz, I feel pretty accomplished about that.

Places Traveled

I've traveled to Europe. Both France and London, and yes they actually do have grand pianos and upright pianos at the train stations, sometimes in the streets.


Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, Rockville, Silver Spring, MD, NW DC

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