Demir S.Born : Alexandria, VA


Guitar, Piano, Electric Bass


Jazz, Fusion, Classical, Heavy Metal,Rock

About Demir S.

-Demir first took an interest in music at the age of five going on to take piano lessons for nearly six years.
-At age thirteen his desire to pursue music was renewed when he began playing guitar. Though he initially did not receive any formal training he was able to teach himself advanced playing techniques and also developed a strong understanding of music theory.
-In 2010 Demir was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Composition.
-Since 2011 Demir has performed and recorded throughout the East Coast with various groups ranging from Metal/Hardcore/Punk groups such as Narrow Grave, Secular Media, and Perpetuated to Chamber Ensembles who specialize in playing film scores.

Why I Work Well with Kids

As a musician one of the most important skills I have learned is how to play off of an audience and I think this is something which has extended into teaching. I have students whose personalities range from introverted to extroverted, energetic to calm and for each one of them I am able to adapt my teaching style so as to ensure they are having a good time but also learning something in the process.

Most Influential Bands / Musicians

My biggest musical influences include Glenn Tipton (Judas Priest), , Igor Stravinsky, J.S. Bach, Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Rocky George (Suicidal Tnedencies), Eddie Van Halen and Chuck D (Public Enemy).


In my spare time I like to write/play music, go to shows/concerts, watch movies, read books and spend time with my friends.

Favorite Movies

Home Alone, The Terminator, Malcolm X, Mongol, Get Thrashed: The Story Of Thrash Metal, and Airplane!

Places Traveled

Istanbul, Ankara, Seoul, Linz, Vienna, Beijing, Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, and Glasgow among others.


Fairfax, McLean, Arlington, Alexandria, VA

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