Danny TBorn : Aspen Hill, MD


Guitar, Piano


Folk, Classical, Rock

About Danny T

Danny grew up in a musical family in Aspen Hill MD. His father is a jazz musician and his mother is an excellent singer from Belfast, Ireland. Born with a love for music, Danny learned the ukulele, guitar, piano, flute, clarinet, concertina and drums all before he was 18. Danny is 19 years old and has been teaching guitar since he was 16. He is currently pursuing a degree in architecture from The Catholic University of America.

Why I Work Well with Kids

I grew up in a rather small community. My high school was kindergarten to twelfth grade, and as the head of the student body I had to administer to the younger students quite frequently. Every so often I would be asked to volunteer with their hikes or camping trips. It was through this connection that I received my first guitar students. I work well with kids because I genuinely enjoy their company and they have a tendency to respond well to that.

Most Influential Bands / Musicians

Zac Brown, Tommy Emanuel, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen


Soccer, Architecture, sketching

Favorite Movies

Napoleon Dynamite, Casablanca, Rebel Without a Cause

Places Traveled

Ireland, Paris, Jamaica


DC- NE, Capitol Hill

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