Bernardo D.Born : Gaithersburg, MD


Guitar, Piano, Trumpet


Jazz, rock, blues, blues, R&B, soul, some classical

About Bernardo D.

Bernardo is a professional musician and teacher. He has been studying music since childhood, starting with Tuba. All throughout grade school he participated in band and orchestras. Starting in high school he discovered his love for bass and guitar and started to get hired to play professionally in rock bands and orchestras. Bernardo went on to study jazz guitar in college and is now a freelance guitar player and instructor in the DC area.

Why I Work Well with Kids

I work well with kids and with people in general because I'm empathetic. I try to understand the perspective of an individual and guide them form there. I also have a lot of experience with kids; not all my students are kids but most of them are. My priority is to pass on the tools and understanding needed to grow as a musician.

Most Influential Bands / Musicians

Joe Pass, Wayne Shorter, Pat Matheny, Pink Floyd, Ska/reggae, Willie Colon


Besides music I like to read, watch movies, workout and once in a while I like climbing, Yoga

Favorite Movies

The Mask, Emperors New Groove, 500 Years

Places Traveled

US East Coast, Guatamala

Special Needs Students

I've taught several special needs students over the years, mostly students with varying forms of autism. I currently teach one autistic student and I enjoy helping him advance and broadening his musical experiences. He has perfect pitch too!


Potomac MD, Bethesda MD

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