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We love our teachers as much as you do, but sometimes it’s better not to take lessons face to face.  Like when the teacher is just getting over a cold!

Thanks to technologies like Skype and Google Hangouts, we can now offer lessons online.   While we believe in person lessons are the best way to get the most out of lessons, sometimes it’s most convenient to use video lessons to keep a steady engagement with music.



When Should I Use Online Lessons?

We’re happy you asked! Although you can take a lesson online whenever you want, we advise that it’s best to take advantage of this option during times when it’s too difficult to book a lesson in-person. These instances include the following:

  • When weather related circumstances that make it difficult to travel like snow, ice, car trouble or tsunamis
  • When your child is under the weather but still (semi) enthusiastic about taking a lesson
  • When you’re traveling on vacation or a soccer game prevented the regular lesson time from taking place
  • When your favorite teacher is too booked to travel or simply lives too far away
  • For a ‘make up’ lesson, when the regular lesson time didn’t work out.



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8 30 minute lessons for $320 ($40 each)

8 45 minute lessons for $400 ($50 each)

8 60 minute lessons for $480 ($60 each)

If you are interested in trying out lessons with one of our online teachers, just choose your best fit from the list below and let us know your favorite.

Hannah M., Violin

Hannah M.

Chris B., Drums

Chris B.

Justin P., Guitar

Justin P.

Emmanuel D., Guitar

Emmanuel D.,

Nick F., Electric Bass

Nick F.
Electric Bass

Brian K., Cello

Brian K.

Elizabeth B., Piano

Elizabeth B.

Drew H., Piano

Drew H.

Michel N., Sax

Michel N.

Josh W., Piano, Trombone, Trumpet

Josh W.
Piano, Trombone, Trumpet

Carter S., Voice

Carter S.

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