Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

Vocal training is just the thing many singers need to take their talents to the next level. Taking voice lessons is a great way to strengthen the lungs, which is essential for holding long notes and hitting high pitches. It’s also a great way to improve vocal tone and learn to sing in both low and high ranges to increase vocal versatility. Plus, professional voice instructors are great at teaching students how to be confident on stage and control any anxiety they may have about singing before an audience.

Voice & Singing Lessons For All Ages

B&B’s talented, professional singing instructors can bring your child’s best voice forward. We’re well versed in a wide variety of genres including jazz, contemporary, blues, and pop. Our singing teachers come to you, from Washington DC, to Northern Virginia, to Maryland.

And it’s no surprise that students who participate in one-on-one vocal instruction make better progress than those who try to coach themselves. At B&B, we’ve chosen some of the DMV’s most talented vocalists to train both beginning and experienced vocal students. They ensure that each student receives the specialized instruction needed to improve vocal quality, breathing skills, and stage presence.

Most importantly, music instruction with B&B teachers is fun! Students enjoy our engaging lessons and take pride in building their skills to sing their favorite songs better and better.

If your child is ready to command the stage and bring the house down, just call B&B to learn more about our voice lessons today!

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