Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Learning piano at home helps kids excel in school, period. Students who practice musical instruments focus better, think more cognitively, and earn higher test scores than those who don’t study music. As you might imagine, quality one-on-one instruction is the most effective way to learn a new instrument. Our teachers travel directly to your home for lessons. We do the driving so you don’t have to.

Piano Lessons On Your Schedule

B&B Music Lessons has piano teachers available in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and in Maryland. Our professional piano teachers offer lessons on both traditional pianos and electric keyboards. And, we have teachers well versed on virtually every genre from classical to country.

The piano is one of the most popular instruments for beginning musicians, and it’s easy to see why! The piano is extremely versatile. Plus, unlike many instruments, pianists play both the melody and harmony, so it’s great for playing without any accompaniment. And, novice pianists enjoy being able to make a pleasant sound as soon as they start to play, whereas many other instruments require extensive practice before students are able to produce clear tones.

Our handpicked instructors tailor their lessons to students’ musical goals and needs, giving the personalized guidance and coaching for them to excel as pianists.

But above all else, learning to play the piano is fun! Our students love working to play their favorite songs, and our teachers strive to make each lesson interactive and enjoyable. Our students have such a blast learning that they’re eager to sit and practice tickling those ivories in between lessons.

Help your child develop a lifelong skill and be the best pianist he or she can be.

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