Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Guitar is a great instrument for young music students. Taking guitar lessons, students engage and develop both sides of their brains, making them better learners even through adulthood. Plus, playing the guitar increases hand-eye coordination, agility, and rhythm. Becoming proficient at guitar is also a great emotional outlet, with students being able to express themselves, relive stress, share joy, and relax, all by strumming a few chords. And playing the guitar can help students blossom socially. Many young musicians enjoy meeting other musicians by joining bands, and they love being able to entertain friends by playing the guitar.

Guitar Lessons In Your Own Home

B&B’s dynamic guitar teachers offer private lessons for both acoustic and electric guitars in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Plus, we have teachers skilled at almost any genre you can imagine, from rock to blues to country to pop. Contact us today to get started learning guitar!

Taking professional guitar lessons is the most effective way to learn the guitar. Individual music classes help students progress faster than they would on their own. Instructors are familiar with practice techniques that help students increase speed, improve rhythm, and enhance playing ability. And they hold students accountable while keeping them on track.

Features of Guitar Lessons with B&B:

* Friendly, reliable teachers for all ages and experience levels.
* Unique lessons individually tailored to cover what each student wants and needs to learn.
* A focus on having fun learning music while still covering the fundamentals.
* Casual, low-pressure summer and winter recitals where students can showcase their skills.

If your child is ready to learn to play the guitar and have fun strumming his or her favorite songs, call B&B today! With our personalized lessons and a little practice, your beginning musician will be playing like a pro in no time!

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