How do lessons work?

Once you submit your student’s information by clicking here, we will contact you with a great teacher match. With your approval, our teacher will then contact you to schedule and begin lessons. Our teachers are very responsive in their communication and flexible with their schedules, so your lessons will be booked quickly. We ONLY offer weekly lessons, paid in advance each month and we do not offer refunds or credits when you cancel a lesson. Our cancellation policy is below.


Please click here to visit our pricing page.

Do you teach adults? 

Yes, but an 8 lesson commitment is required. Why? Because our teacher’s time is valuable and we’re not interested in folks who only want a few lessons. 

Do you offer studio lessons? 

Yes, some of our teachers provide lessons at their home studios.  We have vetted their locations to ensure they are professional and have accessible parking, no scary dogs, etc.  These teachers have the ‘teacher studio’ rates on their profiles along with the normal rates for lessons at your home.

Can I pay by cash or check?

No, we only accept all major credit cards. Existing customers can update their payment info through their B&B portal.

What is your lesson cancellation policy?

You are buying a monthly lesson subscription. If you must cancel a lesson for any reason, ask your teacher for a *make-up lesson, but know that make-up lessons are at the discretion of your teacher. We are not promising you a make-up lesson if you cancel a lesson. However, if your teacher cancels then you are entitled to a make-up lesson. Your subscription price accounts for sick days, federal holidays and snow days. We’ve included these factors into our pricing already.

*We do not issue refunds or credits if you cancel a lesson and the teacher cannot find the time to give you a make-up. 

*During summer months we can prorate your subscription to account for taking a break, vacation, etc.

Can I try one lesson and see how it goes?

We’ve been in business since 2005 and in that time we have refined our hiring process and guarantee that all our teachers are of the highest caliber.  That being said we realize there are times when a student and teacher are not a good fit for one reason or another.  We always check in after your first lesson, and if there is an issue we are happy to work with you to find a solution. We do not offer trial lessons.

Do you teach on weekends? 

Yes, but it depends on the teacher’s availability. We will help you create the perfect schedule for your lessons.

If I don’t have a piano, can I use a keyboard? 

Yes, see our article about this here.

Do I need an instrument to take lessons? 

Yes, because even if the teacher were to bring one to the lesson, you would need to practice on your own instrument at home. We recommend that you  buy or rent your own instrument, even if you are taking lessons at a teacher’s studio.

How can I reach you?

We do almost all business via email:

How do you match student to teacher? 

Brad personally chooses your instructor based on student age, experience level, location, available schedules, personality and other factors. Since 2005 we have never stopped refining our matching process.

Do you do background checks on teachers? 

Yes, national background checks are performed for every single B&B teacher. We also check references for each and every teacher before our in-person interview. We work with only a small percentage of teachers who apply to B&B.

Do you have a recital? 

Yes, we put on the B&B Student Showcase twice per year at the Strathmore Mansion in North Bethesda. The Showcase cost is included in the price of your lessons and we strongly encourage you to participate. Performing is a critical part of a well rounded music education. To see what our Showcase is like, click here

What’s the best age for a child to learn guitar and other instruments? 

You can learn more about this here. And for another great article in the subject, click here.

Do you teach Suzuki? 

Yes, some of our teachers do teach the Suzuki Method. To learn more about Suzuki please click here. 

Do you do group lessons? 

Only on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more info on group lessons. 

Do you tune pianos? 

No, we don’t. But our good friends do. Click here for more info.

How does Groupon work? 

You still need to register AND submit cc info but you get the credit for your groupon) NO ADULTS 

What type of guitar should I get?

There are several options and you can check out Electric vs Acoustic here, Best Guitar for Kids here, and Is My Child Too Young? here.

Do you provide rental instruments?  

No. But here are some rental and sales options.

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