Start After-School Music Lessons At Creative Minds International Public Charter School

Our friendly and highly-trained teachers instruct after-school music lessons on-site at Creative Minds International

Over 12 Years Of Teaching Experience

B&B Music Lessons has been providing at home piano lessons since 2005. Over the last 12 years we have employed over 1,000 teachers who have taught over 4,500 students, completing over 100,000 lessons. We've also taught at CMI during the last two years.

Founded By Professional Musicians

Renowned DC musicians Bhagwan Khalsa and Brad Clements founded B&B to change lives through music, one lesson at a time.

World-Class Music Teachers

Our teachers are selected through a rigorous interview process, and background checked to ensure their ability to connect meaningfully with students.

We've Made Billing Simpler

Our subscription billing allows for a very simple, consistent bill each month. You'll pay the same exact amount each month regardless of how many weeks there are in a month. 

Our Easy Billing Formula

We calculated your monthly subscription price with the entire 2017/2018 school calendar in mind. We take vacation breaks, potential snow days and federal holidays into account for our pricing

What If Your Teacher Has To Cancel?

Our teachers are generally dependable and reliable, but in the event that your teacher misses a day, you'll receive a lesson credit. 

Weekly Lessons

$110 / Month

Credit or Debit Card Payments Only

Start Lessons At CMI 

Select one of our friendly and experienced teachers and complete their respective form to start lessons at Creative Minds International Public Charter School.

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