Who Is B&B Co-Owner, Brad Clements?

Posted 6 years ago by B&B Music Lessons

Imagine if your nine year old told you at breakfast he has decided to become a professional trumpet player. After wiping the coffee from the walls, you would likely spend the next several hours figuring out how to explain there were better options.

While it didn’t happen exactly at breakfast when he was nine, B&B owner Brad Clements has been able to build a career, and a very respected one, doing just that…playing the trumpet. He has had the remarkable opportunity to spend his life doing something he truly has a passion for and sharing his love with others. Before we get into the interesting details of how he was able to do that, and the star-studded names he has had the ability to perform with… a little background.


Imagine if your nine year old told you at breakfast he has decided to become a professional trumpet player

Brad’s parents were educators, both being Montgomery County teachers. Throughout his childhood, he was exposed to dinner table talk about teacher evaluations, student behavior and countless other educational based insights. They had an appreciation for excellence and accountability and those qualities are now shared with every B&B teacher and students at B&B Music Lessons. Brad knows that most music students will not become professional players, but it’s the training itself that creates such meaningful value for students, regardless of whether they become professional players or not.

Brad has been playing the trumpet professionally since 1986. His career has provided some remarkable opportunities. He is in demand nationally and has performed in over 30 countries during his career. He has played trumpet for Prince, Kenny G., Aretha Franklin and international electronic music superstars Thievery Corporation. He played during the last 13 years of DC’s legendary Chuck Brown’s life, an artist nominated to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007 and has been sampled almost as much as James Brown. Brad was proud to play on Chuck Brown’s recorded duet with Jill Scoot that was nominated for a Grammy in 2012. Sadly, Chuck Brown passed away on May 16th, 2012. Today, Brad plays with renowned funk artist Bootsy Collins and tours regular with the Bootsy Collins Rubber Band.

All this is not to brag about Brad Clements accomplishments. It is to impress upon you his commitment to music, education, excellence and perseverance. You see, these are the qualities Clements looks for in his teachers. They are the qualities B&B Music Lessons hopes to impart upon your child. B&B teachers reflect the core values of the owners. Our reputation for quality and excellence has allowed us to organically grow our roster of superior teachers who enjoy sharing their craft.

Now, all this being said there are some things to keep in mind about music teachers in general, especially when the owner is a real live musician himself:

1. Don’t call them early in the morning. They are either night owls or are playing late doing what they love. We know it’s weird but most musicians are NOT morning people. Duh! You will either get an answering machine or an groggy voice.

2. We are not sure why, but musicians seem to all have an interesting sense of humor. By interesting we mean odd. By odd we mean great. Many could be comedians.

3. Some people believe many musicians are eccentric. This would be correct. They tend to be out of the box thinkers. We work with our musician teachers to balance their gifts with logic. We sometimes have success. More times than not, they continue to be eccentric. Embrace it.

Your nine year old my not tell you she has a passion for the violin while eating a Happy Meal, but exposing her to music has some amazing benefits. Let’s explore them!

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