The Top 5 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Music Lessons

Posted 6 years ago by Brandon Taylor

Of course, we all know that music lessons provide a great benefit toward the academic and personal development of your child. But, with over 10 years of music education instruction under our belt, we’ve recognized some really significant, yet less obvious benefits. Here are our top 5:


 1. Becoming Fearless

Side view of little girl playing the piano.

No Fear!

Having the courage to face fears and persevere is an important skill that music lessons foster. Twice a year, we host a Student Showcase that allows your child to show off their skills in front of an audience. Though this can be fearful, most students excel, even in the midst of their anxiety.


2. The Get-Things-Done Mentality

Get Work Done

Music lessons provide a real-world productivity skill that translates to any workplace. That is the ability to DO instead of observe. Universities and employers are always on the lookout for self-motivated and disciplined individuals. Music lessons hone your student’s ability to jump into any situation and get things done.


3. A Door To Other Cultures


Music Is A Gateway to the World

Understanding other cultures promotes open-mindedness and a more inclusive worldview. Music education is a great gateway to doing so. From Brazilian Jazz, to Russian Symphonies, music lessons expose students to possibilities outside of their own cultural traditions.


4. Understanding the World


Make It Easier For Your Child To Understand the World.

Music lessons produce higher levels of spatial intelligence, which is the ability to visualize and interact with our environments. This can prove extremely useful for the progression of mathematical reasoning skills, forming clear mental images, and perceiving the world more accurately.


5. Higher SAT Scores

A college student.

Achieve More Academically

According a study conducted by Americans for the Arts, students who take four years of music and arts education score significantly higher on the SAT than their non-musical counterparts. The report indicated a 63 point boost on the verbal section and a 44 point bump in math for students who took music lessons.

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