The Curious Case of Jake B.

Posted 6 years ago by Brandon Taylor

Nearly 10 years ago, way back in 2006, a bright eyed student named Jake B. began taking lessons at B&B. He was your typical beginner piano student – full of energy, ready to learn, except, Jake has autism.

At one of Jake’s very first lesson his teacher discovered that Jake had ‘perfect pitch’. This is the very rare ability to hear a sound and know exactly the name of the note being played.

This talent is exceptionally uncommon in the general population as less than 1 in 10,000 people have it. However, people with autism are know to have perfect pitch at profoundly higher rates.

This exceptional ability helped Jake blossom into a perennial favorite at the B&B Showcases at Strathmore in Rockville. His performances consistently get enormous applause and create tons of excitement.

Not only is Jake playing the piano and mastering the popular tunes he’s always wanted to learn, but he is also singing. The combination of these two talents is usually only achieved after years of study, however Jake was able to pick it up after only a few lessons.

“I am glad Alison and Jake are still with you guys. I’ve always been very proud of the work I did with Jake as he was one of my most remarkable students. I’ve shown the video on YouTube of us performing during one of the B&B Student Showcases to a lot of people and always get great comments…You guys run a great business.

-Jake’s First B&B Teacher



One of Jake’s memorable performances!

Over the years, Jake’s mother, Alison, has trusted B&B to connect Jake with several understanding teachers who make it their business to accommodate Jake’s special needs and cultivate his talent.

We have been very pleased with the teachers at B&B. Jake looks forward to his lesson each week. The highlight of all of his progress is enjoying his performances at the biannual Student Showcases. Owners, Bhagwan and Brad, are great too!

-Alison B., Jake’s Mom

Also, take a look at the informative infographic that we created, highlighting our Top 10 most surprising facts about music and autism.

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