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Posted 7 years ago by Brandon Taylor

Taking music lessons and never showcasing what you’ve learned is like becoming a chef and never cooking for someone along the way. It is like learning to paint but never showing your work. It is like joining a baseball team and never getting up to bat. The analogies are endless.


Get your child ready for the Student Showcase!

Get Ready For The Student Showcase!

It is why we get so excited when our Student Showcase’s near. There are only two opportunities each year, one in January and one in June, for your student to demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Our Showcases are a chance for your child to face fears, build their confidence and participate with peers who are embarking on a similar journey. Our Student Showcase has proven to turbo charge music lesson benefits and inspire student learning. Missing a chance to perform is missing out on an opportunity for your child to get the most out of his music lessons. It is ignoring a major benefit of learning a new skill.

Benefits of Student Showcase Participation

  1. Preparation for the Showcase strengthens the bond between teacher and student, which improves productivity. Your teacher knows the benefits to a live performance and will serve as your student’s guide in preparing. The teacher may have performed hundreds of times in front of others, and can share those experiences with your child.
  2. It helps establish the importance of goals. When a performance goal is set and met, it provides a sense of gratification that can translate into many areas of their life.
  3. Students also learn from being part of an audience. They can better understand the importance of etiquette and the value of paying attention, sitting still and focusing on someone else. This is clearly a great opportunity to impart these traits in your child.
  4. Our Showcase is a terrific opportunity to expose your student to other musical instruments. This can not only help improve their ear and listening skills, but it may spark their interest in expanding their learning. Many musicians are adept at playing multiple instruments.
  5. It has been our experience that student participation in Showcases improves their ability to work through obstacles when learning something new. This is incredibly valuable and one of the true, lifelong benefits of music lessons.

Help Your Child Overcome Their Stage Fright

We understand some children may be reluctant to perform in our student Showcase. Some parents may even unconsciously feed that fear. We ask that you allow your student to work through this with her teacher. Our teachers are prepared for this reluctance, and understand the positive significance live performance can offer. Teachers know the value of performing in a beautiful setting like the Strathmore Mansion and the wonderful feeling of applause.

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