Online Music Lessons?

Posted 4 years ago by Brad Clements

Online Music Lessons…. Really???

Here at B&B, we’ve been providing music lessons here in the DC area since 2005, and the world has changed a lot since then.  Technology provides us with so many new options on life, one of which is online music lessons.

Clearly there are drawbacks to online music lessons because the student and teacher are not face to face.  True, it’s harder to point out a misplaced finger or incorrect bow angle.  But it is far from impossible, and the primary advantage to online lessons is exactly the same reason for the disadvantage.  You don’t have to be in the same room.  In fact, you can be on the other side of the world… as long as you have internet!

Perhaps your teacher is on tour or you are on vacation and you want to double check a few pointers from the last lesson.  Perhaps you are a little under the weather and don’t want to share your virus with the rest of the world. Or maybe you want to study with the only ‘Wheelharp’ instructor alive.  Or more likely, you just want to take piano lessons in the comfort of your own home without dealing with rush hour or a foot of snow.

Here at B&B, we have found that there are frequent opportunities for a student to take online lessons.  Usually it is because the instructor is on tour or had car trouble and the lesson would otherwise be canceled.  But sometimes it is due to financial constrictions or the best teacher lives all the way across town.

Here are some considerations to have in mind when considering taking an online lesson with your teacher:

  1.  Equipment/technology requirements:  You will not only need a good internet connection and a powerful computer, you will also need speakers to help hear your teacher.  Headphones perhaps?
  2. Communication:  Sometimes with online communication, there can be a lag or delay.  This can cause issues, so be prepared to adjust your speech patterns a bit.  When there is  a delay, it’s easy for teacher and student to end up speaking at the same time.
  3. Which platform to use:  The word Skype can be used as a verb as it was the earliest and most well known platform for web cam communication.  Of course it isn’t the only option anymore.  Some other options are Google Hangouts or

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