Shakin’ off the Jitters for Showcase: Mindful Ways to Help Your Child Manage Performance Anxiety

Posted 2 years ago by Harmony Lanz

child excited to perform in music lessons showcase

We all get jitters, nerves, butterflies, anxiety, and stage fright at one time or another. Your child is no different. Getting on stage and performing for other people can be scary for anyone. There are tons of emotions swirling around inside your child when their Showcase is approaching. Before even stepping foot onto the stage, the jitters begin. Have no fear! There are a few ways you can provide support for your child to relieve their nerves. It’s entirely possible to turn their fears into enthusiasm!

Perception is Reality

Get them into the right state of mind. It’s ok to be nervous. It’s normal and acknowledging that fact can help your child more than you know. When you extend empathy to your child they’ll have a better chance at accept their feelings. This is opposed to them fighting against or feeling  ashamed about being nervous. Try sharing some of your own stage fright stories with them and let them know how you worked through it. Kids love to hear about how their moms or dads faced adversity and came out victorious. You’re basically their Superheroes!

Once everyone knows its normal to be nervous, the best thing to do is turn the jitters from nervousness into excitement! For example, try and shift your child’s perspective from fear  to one that will empower them.

This small shift in perspective will build your child’s confidence. This will let them know how great it is they are able to share what they’ve learned. It also really does shift them into a position of power rather than powerlessness. How cool is it that they have this opportunity to impact the audience with their skills and talents?! Build up their confidence. You’ll start to see them approach this situation (and many others in life) with a level of enthusiasm that inspires.

Strategy & Practice

Make time in your daily schedules, prior to the showcase to help your child map out the moment and practice their performance. Have fun with this! Set up a mock audience, play an applause soundtrack when they finish, be their assistant during practice to help them feel a sense of importance or stardom, let them know it’s a great idea to enjoy performing!

The more your child is able to imagine and visualize a real scenario that is supportive and fun, the more open they will be to experiencing it. On the big night, they will feel prepared having worked on ways to manage themselves and will feel more confident during the performance.

Relax, Everything Will Work Out

Remember, everything in moderation. All work and no play, will not get you the smiles from your child you’re hoping for the night of the performance. Learning an instrument is work but above all else, it is meant to be fun. Sure, there is practice and that feels like work sometimes but the Showcase is as much for your child as it is for the audience. They benefit naturally from ‘a finale’ or a graduation ceremony to celebrate everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

The life skills they will acquire from facing and overcoming their fear of performing will carry them through many things in life. So, let’s all take a deep breath, close our eyes, and feel some gratitude for being exactly who and where we are supposed to be right now…learning how to make amazing music! The Showcase is over in less than an hour. That’s one hour of a very long life and the benefits coming to you and your child are tremendous and irreplaceable. We are happy to be a part of your child’s learning environment and we know they will do great!

Major Benefits of Participating in a Showcase Performance:

  • Significantly increased self-confidence
  • Strengthens bond between teacher & student
  • Improves focus, reinforces practices, instills a goal mindset
  • Teaches great audience etiquette

We definitely suggest reaching out to your B&B Teacher for details on how you can work with your child to prepare for their Showcase performance. The B&B Teacher will also have several suggestions for your child. They’ll also be happy to speak with you to provide more ways you can further support your child on their big night!