Student Showcase Participation Helps Overcome Fear

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Smart Parents Know that Fear is the Enemy

The number one reason that students avoid the Student Showcase is fear of performing in public. Any self respecting parent wants to give their child the best opportunity to learn how to overcome fear. But, even with all of the known benefits of taking music lessons, most parents are still missing the boat. Showcase participation presents one of the best opportunities to turbocharge the benefits gained from lessons, including overcoming fear. Taking lessons without ever performing at a B&B Student Showcase is like baking half of a cake.  Don’t be a boob! You will have 2 chances every year to perform at the B&B Showcase, once in January and once in June.

Student Showcase Participation Turbocharges Benefits from Lessons

Everyone knows there are many benefits of taking music lessons, but if you want to turbocharge those benefits then we strongly recommend that you participate in our Student Showcase, held twice per year at Strathmore Mansion in Rockville. Why is performing live in front of an audience so important? If you don’t play at the Showcase then you won’t gain the most powerful benefits, period. You owe it to your child to give them an opportunity to get the most out of lessons. Since they’re taking lessons anyway, you might as well take one more step and gain the most powerful benefits possible. If you don’t participate you’re not getting the full return on your investment. Your children are your biggest investment. We want you to make it count!

Contact us to register for the B&B Student Showcase held on Sunday, June 28th, 2015
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Recital MomDaughter_piano

This mom is giving her child the gift of confidence that results from facing fear. Congratulations!

What are the Benefits of Participating in the B&B Student Showcase?

  • The #1 obstacle to Showcase participation is fear. Young students who face and overcome their fear are rewarded with increased self-confidence and the great feeling of accomplishment that results from performing in front of a live audience. Your B&B teacher will serve as your child’s guide to facing and walking through their fears.
  • The process of preparation strengthens the bond between teacher and student. This bond increases the overall productivity between teacher and student. Your B&B teacher will know exactly how to help your young student prepare properly. Your teacher will be your guide.
  • Getting ready for the Showcase teaches students how to focus on a goal. Your B&B teacher will systematically work on improving skills with the end goal in mind. This learning process also translates into many other areas of life. We don’t want your child to miss out!
  • Students at the Showcase also learn how to be good audience members and this is especially true for younger students. Audience etiquette is an acquired trait and is certainly valuable as it translates to other life events. Learning how to sit still, pay attention and focus are clearly good skills to work on, especially for the youngsters.
  • Hearing a variety of instruments broadens your student’s musical horizons. Exposure to live performance trains the ears how to listen. For example, hearing the difference between nylon strings and steel strings requires a highly developed sense of sound. Showcase attendees hear more sounds and develop better listening skills. These skills translate to many other areas of life, from improved listening in the classroom all the way to the boardroom.
  • We’ve noticed over the years that Student Showcase participants are far more likely to continue lessons and work through the natural obstacles that appear when learning something new. Kids who stick with music lessons for more than one year benefit the most in other areas of their development. Ironically, the most powerful benefits of Showcase participation are non-music related.

The B&B Student Showcase is Great Entertainment

As an audience member you will surely enjoy some of the performances. Music is entertainment, after all, and our students’ live performances will certainly entertain you. We’ve arranged the Showcase in one hour blocks so you will never be there for more than one hour, unless you choose to. We welcome you to shoot video and take pics of your child’s recital performance. By archiving past recital performances, you will be able to clearly track progress over time. And one day when your child is all grown up you will surely be glad to have lots of Showcase footage to enjoy and reflect on.

Performing in public can be scary.

Performing in pubic can be scary and takes courage.

B&B Student Showcase Schedule

We produce the Showcase twice per year. We have one showcase in January and another one in June. The scheduled date changes each time as it is subject to availability at Strathmore Mansion in Rockville. B&B sends out a notice to all customers and teachers, usually 60 days in advance.

Your B&B Teacher Holds the Key to Success

The key to success is working with your teacher on your chosen material well in advance of the Showcase. Preparation allows your student to be performance ready well in advance and she won’t feel overwhelmed when performance day finally arrives. We recommend that you discuss the Showcase with your B&B teacher well in advance of the date. Your B&B teacher will surely provide lots of guidance for you and your young student. And we would be happy to speak with you too, and answer any questions that you may have about the B&B Student Showcase. Just call us at 301-655-4460.

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