Is My Child Ready For Music Lessons?

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Child Prodigy?

Child prodigies are sprinkled throughout music history. Even though there are miraculous stories of 3-year old children playing the classics, that doesn’t mean most children that age are ready for music lessons.

Before a child is enrolled in music lessons, there are multiple things to consider. There are physical requirements that must be met, milestones reached in child development, and a real interest in learning to play. But how can you know if it’s time to start lessons?

Age Range

Most children start piano lessons between the ages of 5 and 8. By this stage, the child is tall enough to sit at a piano bench and reach both the keys and the pedals. To learn to play the piano, a child’s hands should be large enough to comfortably span five keys. He should be able to move each finger independently and mirror movements from one hand to the other.


Is Your Child Ready for Music Lessons?

For guitar lessons there are similar physical considerations like hand size and ability to hold the guitar properly. Did you know there are several sizes of guitars to choose from depending on your child’s size? Yup, and we can help you figure out which option is best.

Child Development

There are certain child development stages a child should reach before beginning formal music lessons. To begin taking structured lessons, a child needs to be mature enough to sit, concentrate, and follow directions. He also should be able to tell right from left and have some concept of spatial awareness. If a child can read, it can make the process of learning a new instrument much easier.

Interest Level

Before starting a child in music lessons, make sure she has an interest in learning more about the instrument. A younger child is not yet mature enough to put time and focus in music lessons for an instrument she doesn’t want to learn. Before lessons begin, she should show an interest in the instrument and want to play it on her own just for fun.

Is your Kid Curious About Music?

Is Your Kid Curious About Music?

One good experiment would be to purchase a keyboard, or borrow one from a friend, and set it up somewhere in your home that’s easily accessible. Does your child show curiosity about the keyboard? Notice if they naturally begin exploring and playing around on the instrument without your encouragement. This is a tried and true method to discover if your child is ready for lessons. Contact us to find out more.


Although formal music lessons do not typically start until the ages of 5 through 8, children have a better chance of musical success if they are prepared before lessons begin. The first music lesson should never be the first time a child is exposed to an instrument. The child should be familiar with the instrument and be given an opportunity to explore and learn the sounds it makes.

Curious About Trumpets?

Curious About the Trumpet?

Before starting piano lessons, purchase a small keyboard and make it accessible by putting it in the living space, not in a back corner of a room. Encourage the child to explore it and be creative with the sounds it makes. When a child is prepared for his first music lesson and has a basic idea of how the instrument works, it increases his confidence and gets him excited about learning more. The same is true for almost all instruments. If your child is curious about playing guitar, for example, do what you can to get a guitar in your child’s hands and let them explore. This natural curiosity could be the beginning of a meaningful journey into music.

If you’re interested in talking to a professional to see if your child is ready for music lessons, contact B&B today and receive a FREE consultation. We are happy to share our experience with you and help you determine if your child is ready for music lessons.

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