Would My Child Benefit from Music Lessons?

Posted 4 years ago by B&B Music Lessons

Well that is a great question. Any self respecting parent wants to provide the best possible opportunities for their child. We all know that music can be fun and most people would agree that some degree of music appreciation is beneficial to a child’s development. But most people probably dont know that music lessons…


Would your child benefit from lessons?

    – Strengthens coordinated brain functions, specifically the visual, auditory and  motor centers.

    – Playing music, versus listening only, strengthens BOTH sides of the brain.

    – Musicians exhibit enhanced memory functions and can retrieve memoriesmore efficiently than most.

    – Taking music lessons gives your child an early advantage over other kids thatdon’t take lessons.

Our Music Teachers Travel

Our music teachers travel directly to your home for private music lessons on guitar, piano, bass, drums, voice and more. We do the driving so you don’t have to. B&B does not require a long term commitment. We will get back to you within 24 hours with info on one of our reliable, proven and highly qualified music teachers.

B&B has been around for 10 years and our mission remains unchanged: changing lives through music, one lesson at a time.

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