Boost Brainpower Through Music

Posted 5 years ago by B&B Music Lessons

Looking for a sure-fire way to turbo charge your child’s brain? The answer is as simple as music!

To learn more about this incredible process, just take a look at the eye-opening video “How playing an instrument benefits your brain” by Anita Collins. In it, we discover that engaging in any activity – whether it’s reading, jumping rope, or solving a puzzle – causes corresponding areas in the brain to become active. But when that activity is listening to music, several different parts of the brain light up at once as it interprets the sound, breaking it apart into components like rhythm and pitch, and then puts it back together again – almost instantly.

The Full Body Workout For the Brain

But for musicians playing music instead of just listening to it, the process is more amazing. Even more areas in the brain become engaged and active to process complex, interconnected information extremely quickly. Collins compares this to a full-body workout for the brain. This is because playing music involves almost every part of the brain at the same time, particularly visual, auditory, and motor functions. So repeated, structured practice enhances these brain functions and helps musicians apply those strengths to other tasks too.

Brain power + Music

Boost brain power through music

Playing music also utilizes fine motor skills, which use both sides of the brain. Linguistic and mathematical functions from the left side of the brain join forces with the novel and creative right brain. As a result, musicians benefit from increased volume and activity of the corpus callosum – the bridge between both sides of the brain. This lets messages travel faster and on more diverse paths from one part of the brain to the other, which could give musicians the ability to solve problems more creatively and completely than non-musicians.

Higher Executive Function

Plus, since making music involves creating and comprehending it’s emotional elements, many musicians are gifted with higher executive function. Collins suggests this gives them an edge with organizational procedures like planning, strategizing, and attention to detail. This higher executive function also affects how musicians store and recall memories. Because of their ‘super connected’ brains, musicians automatically give memories multiple tags to quickly and efficiently recall information, which Collins compares to an internal Internet search engine.
Learning to play music results in brain function enhancements that are different than learning any other skill, even other arts. Plus, playing music is just plain fun! To get your child started on a brain boosting musical program, just call B&B! We’ll let you know more about our in-home lessons and how your child can start getting brain benefits through music today!

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