Beginner Keyboards at Guitar Centers

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B&B Music Lessons regularly sends customers to local music stores for instrument purchase and repairs.  Since there very few options for retail locations in DC itself, we send many area residents to Virginia and Maryland.

One thing we learned is that Yamaha makes a more sturdy instrument than Casio.  The keyboards are built with molded plastic  (i.e.; seamless!) as opposed to lots of different parts being held together by screws and glue.  So we’re recommending Yamaha over Casio models. Below is some info regarding the purchase of beginner keyboards at the two Guitar Centers in Northern Virginia (Seven Corners and Fairfax).  Ask for Josue at the Fairfax store and you’ll get the best service around!

Ask for Josue at the Fairfax Guitar Center Store

The Yamaha PSR E243 ($100) keyboard is about the most affordable option you can find.  It doesn’t have weighted keys which is the biggest shortfall of this instrument.  What that means is that when you push down on the keys, the volume doesn’t adjust the volume based on the strength of the attack.  Real pianos and most keyboards do respond to dynamics and therefore this is keyboard is only recommended for the short term or specialized use. The Yamaha PSR E243 retails around $100.

Beginning Keyboards at Guitar Center

Beginning Keyboards at Guitar Center

The Yamaha PSR E343 ($200) keyboard is a little bit better than the E243.  It has more bells and whistles and also provides a bit of touch sensitivity.  This isn’t weighted keys, but closer to somewhere in the middle.  At $200, it might be a good option for you.  However, it is still smaller than full size and the response isn’t up to par for long term practice.

Beginning Keyboards for Kids

Yamaha Keyboards at Fairfax Guitar Center.

Now you’re dealing with what every music teacher recommends.  Weighted keys, all 88 of ’em.  The feel is much closer to that of a real piano, which is essential to developing the touch and sensitivity required to play music.   At $450, you are getting an instrument that you or your child won’t out grow.  Professional musicians use these keyboards.  Maybe not at the symphony but lots of gigs have been performed with keyboards in this class. Yamaha P 35 ($450)

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